Australian Web Hosting Performance

Performance Matters.

We take web providers for a spin and provide transparent and objective data.

Why does this data matter?

When you buy a car you look at both performance and features. However, when it comes to web host performance it is opaque.

We anonymously monitor the three most impactful metrics on web hosts so you can make better informed decisions for your hosting.

Load Time

Most studies suggest that for every 0.1 seconds longer your website takes to load your conversion rate drops by 1-2%.

I.E. If your website generates $3000/month then moving to a 0.2 second faster web host will typically increase sales $60-120/month.

A lower score is better.


The more time your website is available the higher chance someone browsing to your URL will actually see your content.

A 99.9% uptime means around 8.75 hours unavailability in a year. This is usually a lower-end score.

A higher score is better.

Page Speed

Google builds a performance metric for your website which affects your Google rank. Switching hosting will only affect performance metrics (not content).

Each performance metric captures some aspect of page load speed. The breakdown and weighting can be found here.

A higher score is better.

Web Provider Comparison

Provider Cost (Plan) Specs. Uptime Load Time Pagespeed
VentraIP logo


Storage: 5 GB SSD
CPU: 2
Memory: 2 GB
Bandwidth: Unlimited

99.970% 1.838 s 81.12% Sign Up
Crazy Domains logo

Wordpress Economy

Storage: 10 GB SSD
CPU: shared
Memory: shared
Bandwidth: Unlimited

99.940% 1.508 s 80.08% Our Review Sign Up
Digital Pacific logo

Personal Basic

Storage: 1 GB
CPU: shared
Memory: shared
Bandwidth: 10 GB

99.970% 1.262 s 86.48% Sign Up
Cloudways logo

$11.00 USD/month
$132.00 USD/year
Standard 1 GB - Vultr (Sydney)

Storage: 25 GB SSD
CPU: 1
Memory: 1 GB
Bandwidth: 1000 GB

99.970% 1.319 s 83.15% Sign Up
Micron21 logo

Shared Basic

Storage: 5 GB SSD
CPU: 2
Memory: 2 GB
Bandwidth: Unlimited

99.870% 2.598 s 79.47% Sign Up

Hourly Load Time Performance

Note: Crazydomains does not provide a free SSL certificate. This likely leads to a slightly faster response time (~0.1s).

Our Methodology

We use Binary Canary for uptime monitoring (every minute), GTMetrix for hourly load times (from Sydney) and Google's Pagespeed Insights API for hourly Page Speed reports.

We use a restaurant landing page for testing provided by the Divi Wordpress theme. We test using HTTPS connections if SSL certificates are provided.

All plans are...

Equally priced

Our plans are $10-12/month. We use post-promotion pricing.

Hosted in Australia

Users like fast websites. The same server in Australia will serve content faster than in the US.

Entirely served by the Provider

We use the default DNS provided by the provider for a more holistic view.

Identically Configured

Same database; same PHP version; same Wordpress content.

Periodically Renewed

We sign up with new accounts every few months to change hosting server; it provides a better representative picture.

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